Spanish photographer Atila Madrona cycles his way around NZ

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Hace ya algún tiempo que conocí a mi amiga Rebekah la foto-periodista que trabaja en el Waikato Times. Como estuvimos pasando algún tiempo juntos haciendo artículos para el periódico, escalando el Tongariro, surfeando en Raglan…me prometió que haría un vídeo acerca de mi historia.

Me acaba de enviar un e-mail diciendo que ya lo han publicado en; el grupo de medios más grande de Nueva Zelanda. Todo esto porque al ir en bici voy conociendo a gente y me pasan todas estas cosas.

Y este es el vídeo que han hecho y lo que han escrito. Ahora os podéis reír de mí un rato; ahí va:
“Atila Madrona has spent the past 6 months cycling the perimeter of New Zealand with all of this possessions being towed in a trailer, surfboard, cooker, tent, technology. He is documenting his trip and posts online each week a video of his adventures. He says there is no better way to travel than on a bike.

Kiwi’s love to travel the world, taking OEs to far off lands such as Europe and Africa.

But for those already living on the other side of the world, New Zealand is one of the most beautiful and aspirational destinations for travellers to experience.

Atila Madrona is a 26-year-old Spanish photographer and he is cycling the perimeter of New Zealand in 10 months, surfboard in tow.

stuff chino surf

Atila Madrona is cycling around the parameter of New Zealand with his surfboard in tow.

He partnered with Microsoft to make his experience affordable. In return, he is making a documentary, as well as posting a photo every day and a video every week.

But Madrona didn’t stop there. He found sponsors from around Europe to provide him with clothing, tents, trailers and the bike.

He started at the beginning of the year in Dunedin, and is now just over half-way through his 16,000 km journey at Pataua.

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“I think cycling is a great way to travel and to meet a culture. I really think the world would be a better place if we all cycled more.

“It’s good for your body, good for the planet and a way more natural way of commuting. It is more exciting and more authentic than any other way of transport,” he said.

But the best part of his trip so far has been the warm welcome he has received from kind Kiwis along the way.

“People have offered me every thing they could and I really enjoy how nice, honest and genuine Kiwis are. I am sure that being on a bicycle and towing a surfboard has helped me encounter so many friendly people.”

These people have helped him paddle in a waka in Greymouth and Paihia, to join a powhiri at Waitangi’s historical marae and allowed him to “get really involved with New Zealand’s culture”.

“Surfing is a great way to meet people and enjoy nature. If it wasn’t for surfing, I couldn’t have stayed in so many family houses all around New Zealand.

“Thank you New Zealand for this time you have given me. It is the best and most authentic adventure of my life.”

Follow his journey at


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