Spanish photographer falls for the Port

chino por @rebekah Parsons

(Foto Rebekah Parsons-King)

¿Os acordáis de que cuando llegué a Port Waikato me vestí de rosa? Fue porque Jacquie y la gente de Port Waikato organiza todos los años un desayuno rosa para recaudar fondos y donar a la asociación contra el cáncer de mama en Nueva Zelanda (The New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation).

Bueno pues como me sacaron en el periódico vestido de rosa al final decidieron preguntarme por mi historia y han escrito un artículo sobre mi aventura en el Waikato Times

Y esto es lo que han escrito:

“A Spanish photographer and film-maker has fallen in love with Port Waikato’s “wild and pure” landscape, as he cycles and surfs his way around New Zealand this year.

Atila Madrona, from Alicante in Spain, started his year-long trip on January 1 from Dunedin.

He is filming his adventure – uploading video content every Tuesday to YouTube.

Madrona said he had always wanted to take part in a year-long cycling adventure.

“One day I decided that I wanted to do it and make my dream come true. I just thought on my passions and put them all together. Surfing, making movies and cycling.”

He said he chose New Zealand because of its landscape and small size.

“I wanted to go to a place that I could do entirely in a year. Also I wanted lots of wildness and nature and of course good surfing and few people. New Zealand was perfect for that.”

Madrona is being sponsored by Microsoft – which paid for the trip – as Madrona uses its technology to film his content.

“I told them that I would do everything with a Lumia 1020 and edit all the content and manage my webpage with a Surface Pro,” Madrona said.

“After a month they agreed and now they are my main sponsors,” he said.

Madrona films all the content himself for the project, tiled Dontfollowthisbike.

“I use tripods and try to film me every time while surfing. Sometimes is hard though, to be alone.”

Spending time at Port Waikato in May, after cycling there from Raglan, Madrona got involved in the small community’s pink breakfast fundraiser and stayed with local Jacqui Church.

He said he had enjoyed the Port’s surf conditions.

“There is hardly someone surfing and that´s a present for a surfer – to surf with few and friendly people. Also the environment is so wild and pure that I love it.

“I want to thank the kiwis because they have been really helpful and nice to me,” Madrona said.

Madrona has now completed 5000km of his 16,000km journey. He is following the coastline and hopes to end back in Dunedin before the end of the year.

Every Tuesday Madrona uploads new video content to his YouTube channel:

See for more.”

Podéis ver el artículo haciendo click aquí.

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